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20 Jun 04 HARD: number 5, at Chioggia
25 Mar 00 EASY: number 10, in the church of S. Giorgio in Velabro (Rome)
16 Feb 00 MEDIUM: number 8, in the church of S. Giorgio in Velabro (Rome)
21 Nov 99 EASY: number 9, on the Arch of Titus (Rome)
3 Aug 99 MEDIUM: number 7, in the Musei Capitolini (Rome)
14 Jun 99 HARD: number 4, at Trevi
8 Feb 99 EASY: number 8, in the Musei Capitolini (Rome)
16 Aug 98 MEDIUM: number 6, in the Tomb of Caecilia Metella on the Via Appia near Rome
3 Aug 98 MEDIUM: number 5, at Spello
15 Jul 98 MEDIUM: number 4, at Massa Martana
30 Jun 98 EASY: number 7, at Spello
11 Jun 98 EASY: number 6, at Ostia Antica
30 May 98 The entire Latin Inscriptions subsite including this page, especially the student section:
Easy — the first 5 inscriptions; Medium — the first 3; Hard — the first 3

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