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This webpage reproduces an article in
American Historical Magazine
Vol. 6 No. 4 (Oct. 1901), pp381‑382

The text is in the public domain.

This page has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
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 p381  Some Unpublished Sevieriana

[Among the heterogeneous mass of documents piled in the vaults of the capitol, Mr. R. T. Quarles has recently discovered the appended papers, which are here printed for the first time:]

State of Franklin. A Proclamation.

Wheareasº a Manifesto is sent and is Circulating Through this State, in order to Create sedition and stir up insurrection among the good Citizens of this State: thinking thereby to destroy that peace And Tranquility that so greatly abounds among the peaceful Citizens of this Now Happy Country — And notwithstanding thereº own acts Declare to the World that they first invited us to the separation. If in there power would now bring down Ruin and destruction on that part of her late citizens; That the world will know Resqueed the parent state out of the hands of there enemy, And saved her from impending Ruin — Notwithstanding we have the fullest confidence In the True Attachment, and faithful Fidelity of The good citizens of this State — I have thought proper to issue this my proclamation, strictly enjoining and Requiring all and every of the good Citizens of this State as they will answer the same at their peril To be obediant and Conformable to the Laws thereof, Witness John Sevier Esquire Governor and Captain General in and over the said State, Under his hand and seal at arms in Washington the 15th of May 1785 and in first year of our Independence.

John Sevier

God save the State.

Mount Pleasant Oct 20th 1787

I recd a letter yesterday from Governor Caswell, in answer to one I wrote to him about five weeks past.

In mine I wrote him I was Elected, and also mentioned the Other gentlemen and wished his advise whether it would be  p382 expedient for me to attend. He writes pressingly for myself to attend, and promises every assistance to compromise matters, and seems to have no doubt of its being done. Also that we be prepared with petitions &c to show the Great majority which is in favor of the Seperation — I can not be so well determined whether to attend or not until I hear from Georgia tho to be prepared as well as possible I wish you to get the deposition of their taring the tickets at your election, and all the foul play that was transacted at the time, together with their refusal to open the polls for the Candidates untill the Election was first finished, also refusing to let any vote but those who had given in their taxable property, and if it was possible for one of our candidates to come and contest the election — I am confident the election would be overset, which would be very much against them

Pray get all the signers you can to the petition in time. Caswell had not anything communicated to him from the Convention at the time he wrote. I wish one of your candidates to get in if possible

I am with great esteem &c &c

John Sevier

Col Christian

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