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The cover of this book. Guida alla Maremma antica
Mariagrazia Celuzzi, editor

published by Nuova Immagine Editrice
© Nuova Immagine Editrice 1993
ISBN 88‑7145‑063‑9

This is a detailed guide to anything old in the Maremma Toscana — a quiet part of Italy roughly corresponding to Grosseto province. "Old" means from prehistoric times thru the late Middle Ages, which the book defines as absolutely ending in 1766 for the region (abolition of the last feudal privileges) but basically stops with the last castelli.

In Italian, this 308‑page book, measuring 15 cm × 24 cm (6″ by 9½″) is really for the specialist: it covers its study area in 29 itineraries, plus a brief history of the area and a bibliography. For example, it's profusely illustrated: with hundreds of maps, plans of excavations or of small towns in Etruscan days, line drawings of pottery, etc. — and even maybe twenty (black-and‑white) photographs. The text is equally dry, but informative and, as to what little I was in a position to verify, accurate. If you are, as I was in January 1997, wandering around the back roads and just plain dirt tracks of this isolated region looking for minor proto­historic or Etruscan remains or if you need details about ruined medieval hermitage chapels, you will find this a valuable resource.

Mini-review © William P. Thayer 1997

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