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Caesar: The Wars

[image ALT: The stone head of a balding man in middle age. It is an antique portrait-bust of Julius Caesar in Corinth (Greece). On this site, it serves as the icon for Caesar's works.]

Portrait-bust of Julius Caesar, in the Museum of Corinth (Greece).

Photo © Jona Lendering 2007, by kind permission.

The Texts on LacusCurtius

Onsite, the entire corpus of works that run under Caesar's name: his Gallic War and Civil Wars — each often referred to as his Commentaries — as well as the works, once attributed to him but now deemed to be of uncertain author­ship, on the Alexandrian War, the African War, and the Spanish War: in English translation first, then probably followed in due course by the original Latin text. Active lines in the little Table of Contents below link to those that are up, which are complete and proofread, with any maps and appendices provided by the editors: each work gets its own orientation page, with the bibliographical and other details specific to it.

Latin English
de Bello Gallico The Gallic War
de Bello Civili The Civil Wars
de Bello Alexandrino The Alexandrian War
de Bello Africo The African War
de Bello Hispaniensi The Spanish War

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