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Gellius: Noctes Atticae

The Text on LacusCurtius and Elsewhere

On October 5, 2006 the Forum­Romanum website, after a run of nearly 10 years providing a very useful index to Latin literature online, and many of the texts themselves, suddenly disappeared.

One of the most useful texts that had been there and nowhere else, at least in full, was Aulus Gellius' Noctes Atticae. These pages on LacusCurtius are therefore in the nature of an emergency rescue: I retrieved them from Google's cache of the expired website, reformatted them to match my usual habits, inserted local links at the chapter and section numbers, and threw them back online; at which point, after a fair amount of work on my part which I'm not about to let go for naught, Forum­Romanum happily reappeared online for a while, but eventually to disappear again in 2024, this time for good, dropped by its originator who has since moved on to more important things.

At some point then I'll go thru the text, convert the Greek (currently transliterated), conform it to the Loeb edition, add the occasional critical notes in that edition, apply a consistent format, etc. For now though, the sections marked below as not proofread are strictly "as is".

A partial transcription of Gellius — whether from the same edition as this one or not, I haven't checked — may be found, unidentified as to source, here.


The English translation, on the other hand, was not online anywhere, and having been dragged into this particular author by a sort of accident, I'm taking advantage of it to input it here from scratch. It is the one by J. C. Rolfe, first published in 1927 in three volumes as part of the Loeb Classical Library, and revised in various years. Volumes I and II of my exemplar are in the public domain for sure; Volume III may not be; if not, I may eventually use another edition, of course. (Details on copyright expiration here.) But in the meanwhile, no English translation of Books 14‑20 is onsite.


As noted, the transcription will be minutely proofread. In the table of contents below, the Books that I have completely proofread are shown on blue backgrounds; any red backgrounds indicate that the proofreading is still incomplete. The header bar at the top of each webpage will remind you with the same color scheme. In either case of course, should you spot an error, please do report it.

Latin original
English translation

Chapter Headings

Book 14

Book 15

Book 16

Book 17

Book 18

Book 19

Book 20

Chapter and Section Numbering, Local Links

Both chapters (large numbers) and sections (small numbers) mark local links, according to a consistent scheme; you can therefore link directly to any passage.

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