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Latin Inscriptions on this Site

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A typical tombstone: but someone had to assemble the pieces.

Entrance staircase of the Palazzo Comunale of Otricoli, Umbria (central Italy).

There are at least 200 Etruscan and Roman inscriptions on this site, plus a fair number of Latin inscriptions from other periods. This page is intended to help you find them.

For the researcher:
You will find here a complete bare listing of all Roman inscriptions photographed by me, with full transcriptions to the best of my ability. If the photograph is online, it is linked. If not, just ask for it.


For the student:
I'm assembling a sort of hands‑on, self-paced course in epigraphy in three levels. Each level has its own collection of inscription pages, on which you will be presented with a photograph of an inscription and, in fairness, a few details about the location of the inscription, its size, and so forth, as if you had been with me when I saw it myself. Each of these pages is then linked to a solution.


If you're looking for something specific:

Selected Topics:
altars Rome
aqueducts Città di Castello Collepino — fraz. di Spello
baths Città di Castello
Christian inscriptions ROME: Brumasia Decentius
Constantine Rome
freedmen Rome
funerary inscriptions ROME: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Milan Spello 1 Spello 2 Trevi Via Appia (2)
honorific inscriptions C. Aetrius (Sentinum) T. Flavius Lysiponus (Formiae) Vettius Praetextatus (Rome)
horse racing Rome
Jewish inscriptions Milan
Pliny the Younger Milan
roads, milestones Via Flaminia Via Traiana Nova
spies Assisi

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