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Bill Thayer

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Latin Epigraphy: Major Web Resources

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BCS Bibliotheca Classica Selecta — Latin Epigraphy
A thorough, clear, systematic approach to Latin epigraphical resources, both print and Web. Not just a hotlist and bibliography, but the place to start.

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The American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy (ASGLE)

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Dr. Manfred Clauss's Seminar für Alte Geschichte

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Gnomon Online
A large portion of the CIL (about 100,000 inscriptions), set up as a searchable database.

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Saxa Loquuntur: a combined bibliography and weblist of the subject, laid out by topics. Useful.

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Pyrrha's Roman Pages: A good beginner's guide to inscriptions of all kinds, with many examples, a key to the basic formulas and abbreviations. Some inscriptions explained, the others for you to practice on.

Link to the homepage of my Latin inscriptions subsite

If you've landed here from a search engine, you should probably also check the homepage of this site which includes photographs, often good, of about 200 inscriptions; and samples of how to read them.

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