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This webpage reproduces a chapter of
History of the Later Roman Empire

by J. B. Bury

published by Macmillan & Co., Ltd.,

The text is in the public domain.

This page has not been proofread.
If you find a mistake though, please let me know!

Vol. II

I. English (and Latin)

Abandanes h105 Abaritana 255 Abasgians 43; h114 sqq., 313 Abdeli h5 Abgar of Edessa h12, 109 Ablabius h223 Aborras, r. 93, 94 Abram, viceroy of Yemen h326 Abram, father of Nonnosus h326 Abundantius 117, 118 Abydos h355 Abyssinians, trade of h318, 321; Christian missionaries in 33; relations to Himyarites, 322 sqq.; embassies of Justinian to 325, 326 Acacius, Patriarch of Constantinople, quarrel with Basiliscus 391, 403; excommunicated by Rome 404; name erased from diptychs h373 Acacius, governor of Fourth Armenia h92, 345 Acacius, bear-keeper h27 Acatiri 284, 285 Accentual rules, in prose h430; in verse 432 Acherontia h244, 246, 260, 271 Achilles Tatius, date of h434 Acqualagna h196, 263, 289 Acris 449 Actresses h28, 29 Adaeratio 49 53 cp. 253 Adamantius 417, 418 sqq. Ad Aquas h132 Addac 203 Ad Decimum, battle of h132 sqq. Addua, r., battle of 424 Adige, r. h262 Adiutor 32 Adlectio, to the Senate 19 Ad matricem 269 Adolius h107 Ad Padum h263 Adscriptitii 48 Adulis h322, 325 Adultery h410 sq. Aedesius, philosopher 375 Aegidius 331, 333, 346 Aemilia, province h200, 201; devastated 203 Aeneas of Gaza h430 Aerikon, tax h350 Aesculapius, cult of 373 Aesis h289 Aetheria, abbess h318 Aetherius h69, 353 Aetius, hostage with the Goths 180; appeal of Britain to 201; supports John the tyrant 224; family, and character 241; defends Gaul 242 sq.; mag. equit. 242; mag. utr. mil., deposed 248; first consulship, ib.; vanquishes Boniface, ib.; mag. utr. mil. again ib.; Patrician ib.; activity in Gaul 249 sq.; second consulship 250; dislike of Placidia after 243, 250; celebrated by Merobaudes 251; third consulship 256; repels Huns in Gaul 292 sqq.; 295; murdered 299; importance of his death 300 Africa, threatened by Alaric 184; by Wallia 202; Vandal conquest of 244 sqq., 254 sqq.; first division between Empire and Vandals 249; second division 255; Justinian's reorganisation of the provinces h139 sq.; fortification system 148 sqq.; Roman trade with eastern Africa 318 Africa, proconsul of 27 Agapetus, Pope h168, 172, 377 Agathias, chronological difficulties in h117; on the Franks 275; allusion to Spain 287 sq.; style, and poetry 430 sq. Agentes in rebus 30 sq. Agila, king h286 Agintheus, mag. mil. 279 Agnatio h404 sq. Agrigentum 327 Agrippa, Pr. Pr. of Gaul 208 Aidoing 417 Aigan h83 sq. Aila h318 Aizan h322 Akephaloi 403 Akoimetoi (monks) 385, 437 Alae 35 Alamanni 99; aggression of 187; aid Constantine III 193; defeated by Franks and settled in Pannonia 461; invade Italy h275 sqq.; nature worship 278 Alans, in Pannonia 100; Huns subjugate 101; invade Gaul 187; invade Spain 192; in Lusitania 203; conquered by Visigoths 204; join the Vandals ib.; settlement at Valence 292; in Attila's army 293; repelled by Ricimer 332; in the Caucasus h313, 315 Alaric I, chosen king of Visigoths 109; ravages Thrace 110; invades Greece 111 sq., 119 sq.; mag. mil. 120; invades Italy 160 sqq.; family of 162, 185; threatens Italy 169 sqq.; in Noricum 170; second invasion of Italy 174 sqq.; first siege of Rome 175 sqq.; negotiations with Honorius 178 sqq.; second siege of Rome 180; sets up Attalus 180; threatens Ravenna 181; interview with Honorius 183; third siege and capture of Rome 183 sq.; death 184; date of birth 205 Alaric II 346, 461, 462 Alathar, magmil in Thrace 449 Albanum h191 Albinus junior, Faustus h153 sqq.

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