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This webpage reproduces part of
History of the Later Roman Empire

by J. B. Bury

published by Macmillan & Co., Ltd.,

The text is in the public domain.

This page has not been proofread.
If you find a mistake though, please let me know!

Vol. II



Gabbula h86

Gaian, Patriarch of Alexandria h377

Gaïnas, his soldiers slay Rufinus, 112 sq.; relations with Stilicho 112, 125; mag. mil., 127; overthrows Eutropius 130; rebellion 132 sqq.; death 135

Gaiseric, accession, 204; character, 246; leaves Spain, ib.; campaign against Suevians, ib.; plunders the Mauretanians, 247; takes Hippo, 247 sq.; defeats Imperial armies, 248; makes peace (435), 249; takes Carthage, 254; invades Sicily, ib.; makes peace (442), 255; quarrels with Visigothic king, 256; autocracy 258; settlement of the succession, ib.; anti-Catholic policy, 259; expels provincial senators, ib.; negotiations with Attila, 291; sacks Rome, 324 sq.; defeated at sea, 327; treaty with Majorian, 331; restores Eudoxia and Placidia, 333; conquest of Sardinia and Corsica, 334; defeats expedition of Leo I, 335 sq.; coinage, 258

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