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This webpage reproduces part of
History of the Later Roman Empire

by J. B. Bury

published by Macmillan & Co., Ltd.,

The text is in the public domain.

This page has not been proofread.
If you find a mistake though, please let me know!

Vol. II



Justin I, Emperor, helps to suppress Vitalian, 451; takes part in Persian War, ii.12; comes Excubitorum, 16; election, and reign, of, 17 sqq.

Justin II, Emperor, son of Vigilantia, ii.19; 70 sqq.

Justinian I, Emperor, official style in laws, inscriptions, etc., 16; his column, 75; house of, 80; parentage, ii.19; com. domest., 21; mag. mil. and Patrician, ib.; nobilissimus, ib.; political power, ib.; relations with Blue faction, 21 sq.; illness, 22; co-opted, 23; succeeds Justin, ib.; portraits, 23 sq.; habits, character, and policy, 24 sqq.; marries Theodora (q.v.), 29; absolutism, 27; latitude allowed to Theodora, 34; throne endangered by Nika revolt, 39 sqq.; architectural works, 49 sqq.; ill of the Plague, 65; conspiracies against, 66 sqq.; views as to the succession to the throne, 69 sqq.; death, 71; fortification of towns in eastern provinces, 90; ambitions of conquest, 91, 124; friendship with Hilderic, 125 sq.; assumes title, Francicus, 208; Alamannicus, 257; diplomatic activities, 292 sq.; reforms in provincial administration, 338 sqq.; antiquarianism, 346; economies, 357 sq.; inefficiency in last years, 359; ecclesiastical policy, 360 sqq.; Edict against Origenist doctrines, 383; Edict of Three Chapters, 384; second Edict, 387; extant writings, 392; aphthartodocetic Edict, 393; aims and results of ecclesiastical policy, 392 sq.; legislative work, chap. xxiii; the attitude of Procopius to, 420 sqq.; coins, ii.24, 357

Justinian, son of Germanus, ii.19, 70, 253, 255

Justiniana Prima, ii.309; see Scupi

Justiniana Secunda, ii.309; see Ulpiana

Justus, nephew of Justin I, ii.19, 47, 70; in Armenia, 107

Juvavum, 167

Juvenal, Patriarch of Jerusalem, 358 sq.


Kais, Arab chief, ii.325 sq.

Kam, Hunnic drink, 281

Kavad, king, ii.8 sqq.; war with Anastasius, 10 sqq.; war with Justin, 79 sqq. death, 88

Kavad, nephew of Chosroes, ii.262

Kidarites, ii.7

Kitharizon, ii.107

Kopaonik, 269

Koran, verses of, ii.324, 326

Kotrigurs, 435; invasions of, ii.256, 302 sq., 304 sqq.

Kreka, 285

Kushans, ii.5


Laeti, 40, 98

Lallis, 318

Lambaesis, ii.149

Lambiridi, ii.149

Lampadius, 180 (cp. 179)

Land, system, taxation, etc., 47 sqq.; method of dealing with sterile lands, 444 sq.; ii.350; law of real property, 403 sq.

Langobardi, see Lombards

Laribus, ii.149

Larissa, 421

Laterculum maius, 26

Latin, use of, in Balkan peninsula, 271 (cp. 283)

Latini Iuniani, ii.400

Laurae, 383

Laurentius, rival Pope to Symmachus, 464 sq.

Lauriacum, 166 sq.

Law, Imperial Laws (leges, constitutiones, etc.), 12, 454; codification of Theodosius II, 232 sqq.; Justinian's Code, ii.395 sqq.; Digest, 396 sq.; Institutions, 398; Novels, 399; civil law, 400 sqq.; criminal law, 409 sqq.

Law, Germanic codes, 344

Law of Citations, ii.397

Lawyers, conservative influence of, 4

Lazica, ii.80, 88; products of, 100, 317; relations with the Empire ib.; invaded by Persians, 101 sq.; war of A.D. 549‑557, 113 sqq.

Lemsa, ii.149

Leo I, Emperor, election and coronation, 315; averts German danger, 316 sqq.; dealings with aspar, 318 sqq.; character, 321; great fire at Constantinople, 322; death, 323; coins, ib., 370; called "the Great," ib.; co-opts Majorian, 329; embassies to Gaiseric, 333, 334; co-opts Anthemius, 335; expedition against Vandals, 335 sqq.; sens Olybrius to Italy, 339; church policy, 402; negotiations with Persia, ii.7; the affair of Jotaba, 8

Leo II, Emperor, co-opted, 323; death, 389

Leo I, Pope, envoy to Attila, 295; Dogmatic Epistle of, 355 sqq.; conflict with Hilary of Arles, 363; advances power of Roman see, 364

Leo, mag. mil. under Arcadius, 129 sq.

Leo, Visigothic minister, 343, 344

Leontia, daughter of Leo I, 317, 319, 395

Leontius, philosopher, 220

Leontius, bishop of Arles, 342

Leontius, tyrant, 396, 397, 398

Leontius of Byzantium, ii.373 sqq.

Leontius, Scythian monk, ii.375

Leontius, Origenist, ii.375

Leptis, ii.140

Lérins, 364, 365

Lethe, castle of (= Giligerda), ii.9

Leuderis, ii.275, 277 sq.

Leutharis, ii.275, 277 sq.

Lex Aelia Sentia, ii.401

Lex Fufia Caninia, ii.401

Lex Iulia et Papia Poppaea, ii.403

Libanius, 107, 372

Liberatus, Breviarium, ii.390

Liberius, Marcellinus Felix, beginning of, his career, 409; Praet. Pref. of Gaul, 456; sent by Theodahad as envoy to Justinian, ii.164; career of ib., n1; appointed to command in Italy, 252; sent to Sicily, 253; superseded, ib.; in Sicily, 255; in Spain, 287; augustal Prefect, 380

Libraries, at Constantinople, 77, 394; at Alexandria, 368

Liguria, 162; devastated by Burgundians, 427, 428; situation in A.D. 538, ii.200, 202; partly under the Franks, 257

Lilybaeum, 255, 410, 425, 461; ii.162

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