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This webpage reproduces part of
History of the Later Roman Empire

by J. B. Bury

published by Macmillan & Co., Ltd.,

The text is in the public domain.

This page has not been proofread.
If you find a mistake though, please let me know!

Vol. II



Tadinum or Tadinae (Gualdo Tadino), h264

Tall Brothers, 150 sq.

Talmis, h300

Taman, peninsula of, h312

Taprobane, see Ceylon

Tarentum, h244, 260, 271

Tarrach, 452

Tarraco, 192, 344

Tarraconensis, 198, 02 sq.

Tarsus, 394

Tatian, Praet. Pref., 117

Tato, king, h299

Taxation, in fourth and fifth centuries, 46 sqq., 60, 253; reforms of Anastasius, 441 sqq.; tax rolls, 48; under Justinian, h349 sqq.; see Custom Duties

Taxes on sales, 253

Tazena, h323
Teïas, at Verona, h262; recalled by Totila, 263; at Busta Gallorum, 267; elected king, 270; marches to Campania, 271 sq.; defeat and death, 272 sqq.

Telemachus, monk, 164

Temples, pagan, destruction of, 367, 370; Emperors interfere to preserve, 371,, h371; see under Constantinople, and Rome

Tentyra, 383

Teruanna, 187

Tervisium, h213, 228, 229

Tetradites, h383

Tetraxites, h312

Teurnia, 166

Textiles, h317

Thabraca, 122

Thacia, battle of, 146

Thamalla, h149

Thamugadi (Timgad), h149

Thapsus, h131

Theagenes, 377

Thebais, provinces of, 37, 237, h338, 343

Thebes, Boeotian, 119

Thebes, Egyptian, 128

Thela, Caesar, 424

Thelepte, h140, 149

Themistius, 107

Theocritus, h16 sq., 19

Theodahad, son of amalafrida, h161; character, ib.; proclaimed king, 163; procures murder of Amalasuntha, 164 sqq.; letters to Justinian and Theodora, 168; seeks to avoid war, 172 sqq.; deposition and death, 177 sq.; coins, 171

Theodebald, h258, 275, 281

Theodebert, king, h171; realm of, 202; sends Burgundian army into Italy, 203 sqq.; letters to Justinian, 203, 257; invades Italy, 207 sq.; embassy to Witigis, 210; occupies part of northern Italy, 257; his plans, ib.; coins, iv, 333; occupies Rastia, 275

Theodemir, 411 sq.

Theoderic I (Visigoth), 185; elected king, 205; aggressions of, 242; besieges Narbonne, 250; defeated, 251; daughters, 256; quarrel with Gaiseric, 256, 291; co-operates with Aetius against Huns, 292; death, 293

Theoderic II (Visigoth), 242; accession, 327; war with Suevians ib.; death, 337

Theoderic Strabo (son of Triarius), 320 sq.; supports and then quarrels with Basiliscus, 392; origin, 412; relations with Leo I, 413; mag. mil. praes., ib.; operations in Balkan peninsula under Zeno, 413 sqq.; death, 421

Theoderic, Ostrogoth, son of Theodemir, helps Zeno against Illus, 398; birth, 411; education, 412; occupies Singidunum, ib.; succeeds his father, ib.; mag. mil. praes. and Patrician, 413; opposes Strabo, 414 sq.; makes peace with Strabo, 415; ravages Thrace, 416; in Macedonia ib.; at Heraclea and Dyrrhachium, 417; interview with Adamantius, 418 sqq.; slays Recitach, 421; ravages Thessaly ib.; mag. mil. ib.; marches on Constantinople ib.; conquest of Italy, 422‑428; organises massacre of Odovacar's garrisons, 425; kills Odovacar,º, 426; rule in Italy, 453 sqq.; coins, 454; Edict, 455; mag. mil. as well as rex, 456; the title rex, 457 sq.; religious tolerance, 459; campaign against Gepids, 460; matrimonial alliances, 461 sq.; Gallic campaign, 462; ruler of Spain ib.; breach with Burgundy, 463; friction with Anastasius, 463 sq.; arbitrates between rival Popes, 464; change of policy in regard to the Senate, 466; illiteracy, 467; buildings at Ravenna, 467 sq.; prosperity of Italy under, him, 468 sq.; designates Eutharic as, his successor, h151 sq.; executes Boethius and Symmachus, 155; intervenes with Justin in favour of Arians, 156 sq.; death, 158; adoption of Herul king, 299

Theodimund, 420

Theodora, Empress, parentage and early career, h27 sqq.; offspring, 27; marriage, 29; Augusta ib.; portraits of, 29 sq.; political power, 30 sqq.; a monophysite, 31; economic independence ib.; protects women, 32 sq.; procures fall of Priscus, 33; supports Blue  p488  Faction, 34; opposes Justinian's ecclesiastical policy, 34; dungeons, 34; love of pomp, 35; enemy of John Capp., 39; procures his fall, 57 sqq.; saves the throne in the Nika revolt, 45; visits to Hêrion, 54; death, 66; letter to Zabergan, 93; connexion with the murder of Amalasuntha, 165 sqq.; Theodahad's letters to, 168; her conversion of the Nobadae, 328 sqq.; monophysitic activities, 376 sqq.; conceals monophysites in palace, 377; procures banishment of Pope Silverius and election of Vigilius, 377 sqq.; intervenes in Alexandria, 380; supports Theodore Ascidas, 384; reconciles Vigilius and Menas, 386; Procopius on, 423, 424

Theodore, general, under Solomon, h143 sq.

Vandals, 96, 99; in Gaul, 186 sqq.; in Spain, 192, 206; invasion of Africa, 244 sqq.; first treaty with the Empire, 249; settlement in Africa, 254; second treaty with Empire, 255; navy, 254, 257; Salvian on, 307; era of, 257; conquered by Belisarius, II Chap. XVII § 1; fate of, 139; see Asding Vandals, Siling Vandals, Gaiseric

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