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Bill Thayer

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LacusCurtius Educational Resource:
a Selection of Articles from

Daremberg & Saglio's
Dictionnaire des antiquités grecques et romaines
Librairie Hachette et Cie., Paris, 1877‑1919.

The text of Daremberg & Saglio's Dictionnaire des antiquités grecques et romaines is in the public domain, of course. The articles presented here, however, are not; the English translation is mine, careful translation is laborious, and the pages are all © William P. Thayer, except for the engravings.

Each article has been translated in full, without abridging it; and I've included the woodcuts. The citations (standardized to my usual style) are of course linked to the texts to the extent that these can be found online; and I may sometimes further illustrate the text with my own photographs, or link to the occasional relevant website. For citation purposes, the pagination of the original is indicated in the sourcecode as local links.

In the best medieval manner, I occasionally comment the text in a footnote, or when I manage to express myself succinctly, as Javascript annotations that you can read by placing your cursor over the little bullets,º or sometimes over the images.

Articles transcribed on my site

General Topics Entries
Agriculture & Mining

Callis Glirarium (on raising dormice)


Caracalla Rica, Ricinium

Daily Life



Radius (the teacher's pointer)



Fishing & the Sea

Nassa (weel) • Urinator (diver)


Ciconia Craticula Digitale Equuleus  (torture rack) • Fidicula Lima  (file)

Political Life

Abacti Magistratus Decennalia


Fordicidia Halotia Iphigenia Nicephoria Pantheon Taurii Ludi Vitula


Calcar (spurs)

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