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 p235  Camilli

Unsigned article on p235 of

William Smith, D.C.L., LL.D.:
A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, John Murray, London, 1875.

CAMILLI, CAMILLAE, boys and girls, employed in the religious rites and ceremonies of the Romans. They were required to be perfect in form, and sound in health, free born, and with both their parents alive; or, in other words, according to the expression of the Romans, pueri seu puellae ingenui, felicissimi, patrimi matrimique. The origin of these words gave rise to various opinions among the ancients. Dionysius supposed them to correspond to the κάδμιλοι among the Curetes and Corybantes; others connected them with Cadmilus or Casmilus, one of the Samothracian Cabeiri; but we know nothing certain on the matter. Respecting the employment of the Camillus at Roman marriages, see Matrimonium. (Dionys. II.21, 22; Varr. L. L. VII.34, ed. Müller; Macrob. Sat. III.8; Serv. ad Virg. Aen. XI.543; Festus, s.vv. Camillus, Cumera, Flaminius Camillus; Hartung, Die Religion der Römer, vol. I p157, vol. II p71).

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