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 p439  Ducenarii

Unsigned article on p439 of

William Smith, D.C.L., LL.D.:
A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, John Murray, London, 1875.

DUCENA′RII, the name of various officers and magistrates, in the imperial period, of whom the principal were as follow:—

  1. The imperial procuratores, who received a salary of 200 sestertia. Dion Cassius (LIII.15) says that the procuratores first received a salary in the time of Augustus, and that they derived their title from the amount of their salary. We thus read of centenarii, &c., as well as of ducenarii (see Capitolin. Pertin. 2; Orelli, Inscrip. No. 946). Claudius granted to the procuratores ducenarii the consular ornaments (Suet. Claud. 24).

  2. A class or decuria of judices, first established by Augustus. They were so called because their property, as valued in the census, only amounted to 200 sestertia, and they tried causes of small importance (Suet. Aug. 32).

  3. Officers who commanded two centuries, and who held the same rank as the primi hastati in the ancient legion (Veget. II.8; Orelli, Inscrip. No. 3444).

  4. The imperial household troops, who were under the authority of the magister officiorum. They are frequently mentioned among the agentes in rebus, or ushers (Cod. 1 tit. 31; 12 tit. 20).

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