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The entriesº on pp624‑664 of

William Smith, D.C.L., LL.D.:
A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, John Murray, London, 1875.

Thayer's Note: I'm not particularly interested in ancient Greece. My site therefore includes, with few exceptions, only those entries that pertain to Rome. In these index pages, those that pertain exclusively to Greece are indicated in grey; I do not plan to put them onsite, although here and there I may change my mind.

Entries in italics are not in Smith's Dictionary at all, but could or should have been, and a resource is onsite which there is no point in omitting.

JACULATORES. [Exercitus, p503A.]

Jaculum: [Hasta.]

Janitor: [Janua.]

Janua: see separate page.

Jentaculum: [Coena, p306A.]

JUDEX, JUDICIUM: see separate page.

Judex ordinarius: [Judex Pedaneus.]

JUDEX PEDANEUS: see separate page.

Judex quaestionis: [Judex, p648.]

JUDICATI ACTIO: see separate page.

JU′RGIUM, is apparently a contracted form of Juridicium. The word had a special legal meaning, as appears from a passage of Cicero, De Republica, quoted by Nonius: "Si jurgant, inquit, benevolorum concertatio, non lis inimicorum jurgium dicitur. Et in sequenti: Jurgare igitur lex putat inter se vicinos, non litigare." Rudorff states that the small disputes which arose between owners of contiguous lands within the "quinque pedes" (Cic. De Leg. I.18) were comprehended under the term Jurgium. He refers for a like use of the word to Horace (Ep. II.1.38, and II.2.170),

Sed vocat usque suum, qua populus adsita certis

Limitibus vicina refugit jurgia.

(Rudorff, Zeitschrift, &c. vol. X p346, Ueber die Gränzscheidungsklage.)

Compare also Cicero, de Legibus, II.8. "Feriis jurgia amovento;" and Facciolati, Lexicon, s.v. Jurgium.

Jurisconsulti: see separate page.

Jurisdictio: see separate page.

Jus: see separate page.

JUS AELIANUM: see separate page.

JUS CIVILE FLAVIANUM: see separate page.

JUS CIVILE PAPIRIANUM: see separate page.

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