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 p686  Leges Clodiae

Article by George Long, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College
on p686 of

William Smith, D.C.L., LL.D.:
A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, John Murray, London, 1875.

LE′GES CLO′DIAE, the name of various plebiscita, proposed by Clodius when tribune, B.C. 58.

Clodia de Auspiciis, prevented the magistratus from dissolving the Comitia Tributa, by declaring that the auspices were unfavourable. This lex therefore repealed the Aelia and Fufia. It also enacted that a lex might be passed on the Dies Fasti (Dion Cass. XXXVIII.13; Cic. in Vatin. 17, in Pison. 4, 5). [Aelia Lex.]

Clodia de Censoribus. [Caecilia.]

Clodia de Civibus Romanis Interemptis, to the effect that "qui civem Romanum indemnatum interemisset either aqua et igni interdiceretur." (Vell. Pat. II.45). It was in consequence of this lex that the interdict was pronounced against Cicero, who considers the whole proceeding as a privilegium (Pro Domo, 18, &c., Post Redit. in Sen. 2.5, &c.; Dion Cass. XXXVIII.14).

Clodia Frumentaria, by which the corn,º which had formerly been sold to the poor citizens at a low rate, was given (Dion Cass. XXXVIII.13; Cic. pro Domo, 10) [Frumentariae Leges.]

Clodia de Sodalitatibus or de Collegiis restored the Sodalitia which had been abolished by a senatusconsultum of the year B.C. 80, and permitted the formation of new sodalitia (Cic. in Pis. 4, pro Sest. 25, ad Att. III.15; Dion Cass. XXXVIII.13).

Clodia de Libertinorum Suffragiis (Cic. pro Mil. 12, 33).

Clodia de Rege Ptolemaeo et de exsulibus Byzantinis (Vell. Pat. II.45; Cic. pro Dom. 8, 20, pro Sest. 26; Dion Cass. XXXVIII.30; Plut. Cat. Min. 34).

There were other so‑called Leges Clodiae, which were however Privilegia.

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