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 p952  Praefectus Classis

Unsigned article on p952 of

William Smith, D.C.L., LL.D.:
A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, John Murray, London, 1875.

PRAEFECTUS CLASSIS, the commander of a fleet. This title was frequently given in the times of the republic to the commander of a fleet (Liv. XXVI.48, Liv. XXXVI.42); but Augustus appointed two permanent officers with this title, one of whom was stationed at Ravenna on the Hadriatic and the other at Misenum​a on the Tuscan sea, each having the command of a fleet (Suet. Aug. 49; Veget. IV.32; Tac. Hist. III.12).

Thayer's Note:

a The most famous praefectus classis at Misenum — admiral of the Tyrrhenian Fleet — was of course Pliny the Elder; as such, he was the highest-ranking Roman to die in the A.D. 79 eruption of Vesuvius, within a few feet of the sea.

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