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 p978  Q

The entries on pp978‑984 of

William Smith, D.C.L., LL.D.:
A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, John Murray, London, 1875.

QUADRAGESIMA: see separate page.

Quadrans: [As, pp140b, 141a.]

Quadrantal: see separate page.

Quadri′gae: [Currus, p379.]

Quadriga′tus: [Denarius.]

Quadrire′mes: [Navis, p785B.]

Qua′drupes: [Pauperies.]

Quadruplator′es: see separate page.

Quadruplica′tio: [Actio.]

Quadrussis: [As.]

Quaestiones, quaestiones perpetuae: [Judex, p648B; Praetor, p957A.]

Quaestor: see separate page.

Quaesto′rii ludi: [Ludi Quaestorii.]

Quaesto′rium: [Castra, pp249a, 253b.]

Quales-quales: [Servus.]

Qualus: [Calathus.]

QUANTI MINO′RIS: see separate page.

QUARTA′RIUS, a Roman measure of capacity one fourth of the sextarius, and consequently a little less than a quarter of a pint imperial. It is also found in the Greek system of liquid measures under the name of τέταρτον. [P. S.]

Quasilla′riae: [Calathus.]

Quasillum: [Calathus.]

Quatuorviri juri dicundo: [Colonia, p318B.]

Quatuorviri viarum curandarum: [Viae.]

Quere′la inofficio′si testamenti: [Testamentum.]

Quina′rius: [Denarius.]

Quincunx: [As, pp140b, 141a.]

QUINDECIMVIRI. [Decemviri, p387A.]

Quinquage′sima: see separate page.

QUINQUATRUS or QUINQUA′TRIA: see separate page.

Quinquenna′lia: see separate page.

Quinquenna′lis: [Colonia, p318B.]

Quinquere′mes: [Navis, p785B.]

Quinque′rtium: [ Pentathlon.]

Quinqueviri: see separate page.

Quinta′na: [Castra.]

Quirina′lia: see separate page.

Quirina′lis flamen: [Flamen.]

Quiri′tes, quiri′tium jus: [Jus, p658A.]

Quod jussu, actio: [Jussu, Quod, Actio.]


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