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Smith's Dictionary:
Articles on Clothing & Adornment

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William Smith, D.C.L., LL.D.:
A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities
John Murray, London, 1875.

This index page collects the articles in Smith's Dictionary on clothing, shoes, cosmetics, hairstyles etc. For general information about the Dictionary, and for about 650 articles on other topics, see its homepage.

Roman Clothing Articles republished on my site
(major articles are in boldface)

A reminder also that new clothing articles continue to be added from time to time:
the What's New Page is here.
Topic Areas Entries

Fascia Instita Manica (sleeve, glove, muff, handcuff) • Marsupium (purse) • Mitra (wrap, shawl) • Pera (wallet, handbag) • Velum Umbraculum (parasol) • Zona (support belt)

Causia Corona (wreaths and crowns) • Cucullus (hood) • Diadema Galerus Lemniscus (decorative headgear) • Pileus Tiara Vitta (headband)

Acus (pin) • Annulus (ring) • Ampyx (a frontal: a headdress for a horse, a woman or an elephant) • Armilla (bracelet) • Catena (chain) • Electrum (electrum, but also amber) • Fibula (brooch) • Inauris (earrings) • Monile (necklace) • Periscelis (bracelet) • Pyxis (jewelry box)

Byssus Cilicium Coa Vestis Crocota Fimbriae (fringes and tassels) • Gausapa Limbus (decorative borders) • Paragauda Sericum (silk)

BALNEAE (the baths) Ampulla (perfume bottle) • Alabastrum (also a perfume bottle) • Barba (beards, shaving, etc.) • Calamistrum (hair curlers) • Coma (hairstyles) • Dentifricium (tooth powder) • Fucus (face paint) • Speculum (mirror) • Unguenta (perfume)

military, religious dress: see the Warfare and Religion indexes, respectively.

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