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Le Chiese di Cagli

[ALT dell'immagine: A wooden sculpture of a robed man holding a knife. It is a depiction of St. Bartholomew, the patron saint of the church of S. Bartolomeo, in Cagli (Marche).]
S. Bartolomeo

[ALT dell'immagine: A stone church about 20 meters long, by the side of a highway. It is the church of S. Geronzio in Cagli, by the side of the Via Flaminia in the Marche (central Italy).]
S. Geronzio

[ALT dell'immagine: A stone carving of an angel. It is an old sculpture inset in the façade of the church of S. Angelo Minore, in Cagli, Marche (central Italy).]
S. Angelo Minore

[ALT dell'immagine: A small stone church. It is the church of S. Anna, in Cagli, Marche (central Italy).]
S. Anna

[ALT dell'immagine: The upper part of a square belfry with a graceful pyramidal roof in the baroque style. It is the campanile of the church of S. Chiara, in Cagli, Marche (central Italy).]
S. Chiara

[ALT dell'immagine: [ALT dell'immagine: missing ALT]. It is [ALT dell'immagine: missing ALT] of the church of S. Domenico, in Cagli, Marche (central Italy).]
S. Domenico
[ALT dell'immagine: missing ALT]

[ALT dell'immagine: An elaborately stuccoed church nave, looking towards the high altar. It is a view of the interior of the church of S. Filippo, in Cagli, Marche (central Italy).]
S. Filippo

[ALT dell'immagine: The apse of a tall windowless stone church with a steeple on one side, with a flower market in the street. It is the church of S. Francesco, in Cagli, Marche (central Italy).]
S. Francesco

[ALT dell'immagine: A painting of the Virgin Mary spreading out her cloak and sheltering a group of people on either side. It is a fresco representing S. Maria della Misericordia, in the church of that name in Cagli, Marche (central Italy).]
S. Maria
della Misericordia

[ALT dell'immagine: A carving of a dog holding a lit candle in his mouth. It is a detail of a door of the church of S. Nicolò, in Cagli, Marche (central Italy).]
S. Nicolò

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