Thomas Stanley, translator (1665) Claudius Aelianus His Various History. Epistle (2 unnumbered pages)


The Lady Newton


Having in obedience to a Father's command made this first attempt upon Learning, my duty next directs me to lay it at your Ladiship's feet. The Original I received from a Person whose loss can never be too much lamented by any but your self, my dearest Cousin and your incomparable Son Mr Newton. Pardon me, Madam, that I have awaked a Grief which is alwaies too busie in disturbing your rest : I will therefore forbear those praises due to his memory, which upon any other account it were a kind of Sacrilege to suppress ; and shall onely beg your Ladiship's pardon for this Address, which affords me the honour of being known to be,


Your Ladiship's

Most obedient Nephew
and most humble Servant,

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