Thomas Stanley, translator (1665) Claudius Aelianus His Various History. Poem: To Mr. Thomas Stanley on this Translation of Aelian (2 unnumbered pages)


His Translation of
ÆLIAN's Various History.

IF from a Glorious Morn we justly may Take a Prognostick of th' ensuing Day ; What do these early glories promise, when You shall arrive at your Merdian ? When at an Age others scarce read their own, The Roman and Greek Tongues to you are known ; Which, like some subtle Merchant, coasting o're, (Not in the search of Spices or of Ore) You at a Noble way of Traffick aim, Bringing Learning home, to barter here for Fame. Y' have made a fair Return, let your succeß Tempt you to Sea again : Nor could we leß Expect from you, whose happy Birthright laies Hereditary claim unto the Baies : For to be much and early learn'd's your fate ; Not to be so, were to degenerate.     Goe on in your Paternal tracks of Fame, T' entail the style of Learned on your Name : And let the Trophees of your Labours be As Various as your Ælian's Historie. But I these vain Encouragements might spare, What we would have you be, is what you are.

Richard Stokes, M.D.

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