A Note on the Text

THE TEXTS of Hydriotaphia  and The Garden of Cyrus  have been entered (by hand, mine) from the original edition of 1658. The spelling, capitalization, and punctuation have been changed only as follows:. Original typographical errors have been corrected in the text and noted in the notes. On occasion, variant readings from subsequent editions have been used in the text (and, again, noted in the notes). Typographical characters no longer in widespread use have been modernized, including long and double esses and some Greek characters and ligatures. U's, V's, I's and J's have been silently modernized.

Unmarked are marginal notes from the original edition. My notes and notes from editions published after Browne's death are enclosed in square brackets ([]). Notes added by Browne in editions subsequent to the first and notes taken from other manuscripts by Browne are enclosed in curly brackets ({}). The referrents for notes have been (mostly) numbered for each chapter, ignoring the varying practice of the first edition, which used letters and glyphs indifferently. Referrents have also been moved from the beginning to the end of words, and, on occasion, from the beginning of a phrase to the end. Some footnotes having no textual referrent have been given one. In most cases, these changes are not remarked in the notes. When notes are improperly placed in the original text, they have been moved, with the move remarked in the notes.


In Browne's life:

1. 1658.

2. 1658; with the fourth edition of Pseudodoxia Epidemica . This edition contains additional notes and illustrations, and was prepared under the direction of the author.

3. 1659[8]; with the sixth edition of Religio Medici  and the third edition of Pseudoxia. (The third edition of Pseudodoxia post-dates the fourth for reasons best known to rival publishers Ekins and Dod.)

4. 1669, with the fifth edition of Pseudodoxia.

Editions 3 and 4 are inferior.

Editions after Browne's death:

5. 1686, with the "Works".

6. 1736, Curl, containing all of Hydriotaphia, together with Brampton Urnes, “Of Artificiall Hills, &c.”; the first three chapters of Cyrus-Garden. This edition calls itself the Fourth.

7. 1836, Wilkin (editor), in Volume III of the complete works.

8. (not finished) 

9.(not finished) 

10. (not finished)

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