Browne's Miscellany Tracts


I. Observations upon Several Plants mention'd in Scripture
Warning: Long = 140 K (notes another 140)

II. Of Garlands and Coronary Plants

III. Of the Fishes eaten by our Saviour with his Disciples after his Resurrection from the Dead

IV. An Answer to Certain Queries relating to Fishes, Birds, Insects
V. Of Hawks and Falconry, Ancient and Modern
VI. Of Cymbals, &c.
VII. Of Ropalic, or Gradual Verses, &c.
VIII. On Languages, and particularly of the Saxon tongue
IX. Of Artificial Hills, Mounts or Burrows in many parts of England — what they are, to what end raised, and by what nations
X. Of Troas — what place is meant by that name — also of the situations of Sodom, Gomorrha, Admah, Zeboim, in the Dead Sea
XI. Of the Answers of the Oracle of Apollo at Delphos to Croesus King of Lydia
XII. A Prophecy concerning the Future State of Severall Nations in a Letter written upon occasion of an old prophecy sent to the Authour from a Friend, with a request that he would consider it
XIII. Musæum Clausum, or Bibliotheca Abscondita: containing some remarkable books, antiquities, pictures, and rarities of severall kinds, scarce or never seen by any man now living


  and Miscellaneous Writings

The Fragment on Mummies

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