Francis Brooks (1693), Barbarian Cruelty ... of the Tyrant Mully Ishmael.

Barbarian Cruelty.

Being A True History of the Distressed Condition of the Christian Captives under the Tyranny of Mully Ishmael Emperor of Morocco, and King of Fez and Macqueness in Barbary. In which is likewise given a particular Account of his late Wars with the Algerines. The manner of his Pirates taking the Christians and Others. His breach of Faith with Christian Princes. A Description of his Castles and Guards, and the Places where he keeps his Women, his Slaves and Negroes. With a particular Relation of the dangerous Escape of the Author, and two English Men more from thence, after a miserable Slavery of ten Years. By Francis Brooks. London: 1693.

Title Page, Dedication and Epistle to the Reader.
How the author was captured by pirates and put into slavery. Treatment of Christian slaves by the Emperor of Morocco. The siege of Tarradant.
Other instances of treachery and piracy. Exchange of Moor prisoners for Christian slaves.
Description of the Emperor of Morocco: his birth, his character, his dress, his diet, and his harem.
The difficulty of escaping from Moroccan slavery. The author's escape. The fate of a virtuous Moor. A final appeal to monarchs of England and of Europe to take action to alleviate the suffering of Christian slaves.

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