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Achievement of the Earl of Montgomery

This full achievement illustrates the Azure, Gules, and Ermine mantling issuing from the twisted wreath on the helmet, silver with gold bars, signifying the earl to be a peer, and surmounted by a wyvern crest. The quartered shield is supported dexter by a panther rampant guardant, incensed; and sinister, a lion rampant, both of which are armed and collared. At the fess point is a Sable crescent, a difference denoting the second son. The coronet is that of an earl and has eight lofty rays (five visible), each topped with a pearl and alternating with strawberry leaves. Encircling the shield is the Order of the Garter, its motto reading Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense, "Shame be to him who thinks ill of it." Although a scroll is illustrated, there is no motto.

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