Return to the Battle of Hastings

William Reveals Himself

"The Normans believed that their duke and lord had fallen, so it was not too shameful to give way to flight; least of all was it to be deplored, since it helped them greatly. For the leader, seeing a great part of the opposing force springing forward to pursue his men, rushed towards them, met them as they fled and halted them, striking out and threatening with his spear. Baring his head and lifting his helmet, he cried, 'Look at me. I am alive, and with God's help I will conquer.'"

William of Poitiers, Gesta Guillelmi

Count Eustace of Boulogne, who points to the duke, may be carrying the Papal gonfanon (banner), signifying, says William of Poitiers, "the approval of St Peter, by following which he might attack the enemy with greater confidence and safety."