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Julius Classicianus

With the appointment of Julius Classicianus as procurator, the Boudican revolt finally was quelled, as much for pragmatic reasons as humanitarian ones. Responsible for the financial administration of the province, Classicianus may have been concerned about the effect on tax revenues if the Iceni and other native tribes continued to suffer Roman retribution.

Still, no new Roman conquests were undertaken in Britain for the next decade. Not until AD 71, with the appointment, of Petillius Cerialis, who had barely escaped with his life when his infantry was destroyed in an attempt to relieve Colchester, would there be a resumption of war.

Classicianus died in office and was buried at Londonium. His tombstone, which is in the shape of an altar, was erected by his wife, the daughter of an aristocrat from Gaul who had helped put down a revolt there in AD 21. Reconstructed, it can be seen in the British Museum.