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Scriptores specialized in painting the edicta munerum, which announced forthcoming games. The names of the editor or sponsor was given (if they were offered by the emperor or magistrate), the reason for the games (whether, for example, a building or temple was being dedicated), the number of gladiators to fight, and any other entertainment or special attraction, such as the velarium being hoisted to shade spectators from the sun. In this announcement from Pompeii, which is written in majuscule, one still can read "Pompa" and "Venatio."

The palaeographic term for capital letters is majuscule. Such a script could be capitalis quadrata (square capitals), painted or written but used primarily in monuments, of which the best example is the incised inscription on the base of Trajan's Column, or, as in this announcement from Pompeii, capitalis rustica (rustic capitals), a more cursive letterform, narrow with thin stems and heavy serifs, that was easier to produce using a pen or brush.

This announcement comes from Pompeii.

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