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Forum Julium

"For he had himself constructed the forum called after him, and it is distinctly more beautiful than the Roman Forum; yet it had increased the reputation of the other so that that was called the Great Forum."

Cassius Dio, Roman History (XLIII.22.2)

On the square in front of the Temple of Venus Genetrix was a statue of Caesar's favorite horse, the forefeet of which were said to resemble those of a human, i.e., they apparently had not fused as a single hoof (Suetonius, LXI; Pliny, VIII.155). Statius contends that the statue originally had been made by Lsippus for Alexander the Great and that the figure of Caesar was added (Silvae, I.1.84ff). It very well may be that the original statue was a portrait of Caesar's horse, which was replaced by Domitian when he rebuilt the Forum.