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Forum of Nerva

"He restored many splendid buildings which had been destroyed by fire...but in all cases with the inscription of his own name only, and with no mention of the original builder. Furthermore, he built...the forum which now bears the name of Nerva."

Suetonius, Domitian (V)

The fourth of the imperial fora, the Forum of Nerva had been planned by Domitian but was dedicated by Nerva in AD 97, after the death and damnatio memoriae of Domitian. Cramped between the Forums of Julius and Augustus and the Temple of Peace, it enclosed a portion of the Argiletum, the thoroughfare that joined the Forum Romanum and the Subura district. For this reason, the Forum of Nerva also was known as the Forum Transitorium. The lateral walls of the forum were lined with paired columns broken by a number of doors to provide access to the forums on either side.

Reference: "Domitian, the Argiletum and the Temple of Peace" (1982) by James C. Anderson, Jr., American Journal of Archaeology, 86(1), 101-100.