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Façade of the Temple of Vespasian

Situated against the Tabularium between the Temple of Concord and the Porticus Deorum Consentium, the stairs of the Temple of Vespasian were set back between the columns of the façade.

Although called Templum Vespasian et Titi, the only name to appear on the architrave is that of Vespasian, builder of the Colosseum, who, upon dying, was said to have remarked, "Pity, I think I'm turning into a God" (Suetonius, XXIII.4).

Reference: The illustrations, each slightly different, come from Rome: An Oxford Archaological Guide (1998) by Amanda Claridge, a detail from a watercolor by the French academician Alfred-Nicolas Normand (1850), and a more contemporary architectural rendering by Gilbert Gorski.

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