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The Golden Trade:

O R,

A discovery of the River Gambra, and
the Golden Trade of the Aethiopians.

Set downe as they were collected in travelling, part of
the yeares, 1620. and 1621.

By Richard Iobson, Gentleman.

This on-line edition is entered from the 1623 edition. As is usual in my transcriptions, I follow the text fairly closely, including vagaries of spelling and printing, with some exceptions: I have silently modernized u, v, and w (and their capital counterparts); I modernize j and i when their usage may be confusing. Long esses have been replaced with short ones; abbreviations using a tilde (as in, say, "Hõe" for "home") have been expanded, usually using [brackets] to mark the expansion. Page numbers are marked in the source as named links, thus jobson1.html#page1, jobson1.html#page2, and so on; unnumbered pages are given small Roman numbers. (But see the note at the end of this page on pagination.) When a page break occurs in the middle of a word, it is marked as a comment, thus: <!-- dle --> for a break that occurs in the middle of "middle".

1623 includes marginal references (which are not necessarily very near their counterparts in the text). As these are meant for ease in browsing and searching the text, I have moved most of them to the Table of Contents (hence the odd spelling of the subjects on that page). Some of these notes provide a gloss or further information on the text; in these cases, I have supplied them as footnotes in the text.

For my convenience and for easier loading on slower connections, I have (arbitrarily) divided the work into parts, as follows:


Part I: Epistle, and pages 1 to 9.

Part II: Pages 10 to 27.

Part III: Pages 27 to 36.

Part IV: Pages 37 to 61.

Part V: Pages 61 to 82.

Part VI: Pages 82 to 105.

Part VII: Pages 105 to 136.

Part VIII: Pages 136 to 146 (but see note below).

Part IX: Pages 146 to 158 (again, see note on pagination below).

The pagination of the work is not perfect. There are unnumbered introductory pages; there follow pages 1-134, properly numbered; page 135 numbered 134; page 136, properly numbered; page 137 numbered 145; pages 138-139, properly numbered; pages 140-141 numbered 148-149; and pages 144-158 numbered 152-166. The anchors are numbered sequentially, so that "jobson8.html#146" is the 146th page of the book, although it is numbered "154" in the text.