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"...a masterpiece of its kind."

Gavin Hamilton (who discovered the piece) in a letter to Sir Charles Townley

" the vertragi are named for their swiftness."

Arrian, Cynegeticus (III.6)

  Found near Civita Lavinia (Lanuvium) on a spur of the Alban Hills south of Rome, this endearing sculpture is in the closed Townley Collection of the British Museum.

One readily sees the remarkable difference between the older picture and a similar pair in the Pio-Clementine Museum (Vatican), which were taken in natural light at high resolution with a digital camera.

Reference: "Gavin Hamilton's Letters to Townley" (1901) by A. H. Smith, The Journal of Hellenic Studies, 21, 306-321.

See also Charles Townley.

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